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We have the largest selection of quality yarn products which allows us the ability to create colorful high quality rugs, mats, and carpets.

Yarn Division

Star Group is proud to use an exclusive selection of yarn systems which include STAREX, MICROLENE, and SHEENESE. Star Group has competitive prices on a wide variety of yarn for many different carpet, rug, and mat industries including residential use, business use, automotive use, and more. Star Group had built our business and reputation on our ability to make top quality yarn for our clients before we expanded into other areas of our business. Our yarn can be used to create beautiful, long-lasting rugs, carpets, and mats or it can be used for other crafts. Star Group is a supplier of top quality yarn at affordable prices allowing us the ability to provide to our clients the best possible yarn product every time.


Our Plants are located in the heart of ASEAN combined market of 600 million people.

We provide a large selection of different types of yarn including MICROLENE, SHEENESE, and STAREX in a variety of selections.

We provide a large selection of different types of yarn including MICROLENE, SHEENESE, and STAREX in a variety of selections.

STAREX Olefin Yarn

Our brand Starex is know well recognized in the carpet industry of the world. Produced under strict quality control regimen,with a Denier Range from 900 to 10,000. Starex Yarn systems are specially engineered to run on High Speed tufting and weaving equipment.Working from a huge color bank we are always ready to offer custom color service as and when required.


Our Micro Denier Solution Dyed Polyester is available from 300 Denier to 2400 Denier and can be Twisted and Heat Set. Have a vast color bank to choose from. This Ultra Soft yarn is ideal for producing Intimate soft floor coverings for Bed,Bath and Spa area rugs and mats.


Our specially formulated solution dyed polyester to add that Fourth Dimension to your soft floor covering.High light and effect yarns help in creating that point of difference in a floor covering.Sheense Yarn Systems available in solution dyed FDY and DTY form starting at 150 denier give you unlimited design capabilities.

STAREX Cotton Yarn

We select the best Raw White Cotton Ring Spun from the World's best Cotton Growing areas. Coarse counts suitable for floor coverings from NE 4/s and up to NE 30/s with the facility of Double/multiple plied on Large Diameter Bobbins for easy use on Tufting and weaving equipment.Our Yarn is far superior in terms of Softness from the conventional open end coarse counts available in the market.

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